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Blog 6 : Choosing a difficult problem to solve

Watched Ram’s Peranbu last week. While this blog is not a movie review, wanted to share a thought that struck me, while I was in the theatre. On Feb 1, along with Peranbu, another movie had its theatrical release too. While Peranbu explored a new idea and had a fresh treatment, the other movie was a remake and a conventional entertainer. Both the movies were running full house that day which meant both had found its audience. Yet, what intrigued me was the number of shows for the two movies. Peranbu had two shows and the other movie had 4 shows. It was evident that the remake was making more money than a fresh idea, at least in the initial days. I wondered how this reality will play in the minds of a newbie filmmaker. If one can make more money from a proven idea, why put that extra effort and endure the risk of experimenting ? Why choose a hard problem to solve, when you can make easy money? Correct?  What could be Valluvar's perspective here? If you are interested, try kural 772 in the bot.

Updates on the bot:

We have made one change to the version for the messaging platforms (non Alexa). Going forward, the limit of fetching 5 Kurals will be applicable only when you search by topic i.e. through the ‘kurals on’ feature.  If you are retrieving kurals by starting or ending word (through kurals beginwith & kurals endwith feature) all relevant kurals will be returned by the bot.

Have a great weekend !

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