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Blog 18 : The debate in Virumaandi

My last blog was about Superstar. So it’s no coincidence that this one is about Ulaga Nayagan. To me, Kamal Hassan symbolizes passion for excellence. While we have seen Kamal Hassan, the script writer in a variety of movies, he hasn’t directed many movies himself. The ones he directed are a handful and those have only become classics - Hey Ram, Vishwaroopam and Virumandi.

Be it the opening credits, non linear screenplay, grey shaded characters and flawed men along with some intense violence, Virumaandi has some of Kamal Hassan’s bold experiments in Tamil Cinema. I think the narrative is inspired from Rashomon in a beautiful way. What is Rashomon? Now, that is a different blog :)

Apart from all these, the movie delves into and even debates on a very sensitive subject  - the relevance and the moral aspects of capital punishment or death penalty. Death penalty is a controversial subject. Since World War II, the number of countries that have abolished this practice have only increased. However, some countries have retained this practice and have also increased its scope. Plato argued that it should only be used for the incorrigible.

What could Valluvar's perspective be on this?

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