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Blog 8 : Batman & Valluvar

Here is a scene from the movie 'Dark Knight Rises'. Christian Bale’s performance along with the other artists, the background score and the way the entire scene was conceived and executed to perfection, makes this a very compelling one.

Bruce is caught in the pit (dubbed worst hell on earth) and makes several attempts to escape to freedom. He continues to fail until he realises through the words of the prison doctor (Make the climb.. as a child did.. without the rope.), the impediment in the form of a rope. The rope is not a safety net, but his hold of desire that is acting as an impediment in his pursuit. He cannot escape to freedom but experience freedom. To experience freedom, he needs to find the courage to climb up the pit without the rope.

Valluvar has a whole chapter dedicated to renunciation(try list kurals 35 in the bot). To me, the kural that resonates with the above scene is 347 (try kural 347 in the bot).

Updates to the Bot & Website:

There have been no updates to the bot in the last week. However, we are working on a few refinements and will have some interesting news in the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!

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