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Blog 22 : Will a girl propose?

A few years back, I was involved in writing my first fiction. It was a collection of short(er) stories and for one of them, I sought feedback from a friend. The story had a moment where the protagonist (a girl) proposes to the man she has fallen in love with. That got me and my friend indulge in an interesting debate. My friend would simply not buy into that possibility. He said, while it might be shown in some movies, in reality, a girl would never spell out her love first, how much ever she likes her man. 

What he said instead was, when a girl is in love, she would drop ‘huge hints’ for her man to pick up. The hints would be evident but she would not say it.

Valluvar makes the same point through this beautiful kural. Like many of the other kurals, a perfect simile is used to drive home the point. Type in 1273 in the bot to learn how a girl would express, without a word. 

Have a great weekend!

PS: Image is from the Tamil movie Vada Chennai, taken from Hotstar

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