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Blog 23 : Pseudo-Theism & Non-Theism

My friend would say, though many claim to be believers of God, they are not. He would expose that pseudo belief through a simple set of questions - ‘have you shared the problems you face in life with god?’ If the answer is ‘yes’ he would ask, ‘do you continue you worry about those problems?’ If one answers ‘yes’ to that question too, then he/she is a pseudo believer of God or in other words a pseudo theist.

Then there are non-theists. A non-theist is neither a theist nor an atheist. Though a non-theist does not believe in god, unlike an atheist, he remains silent to the subject of God and focuses on his everyday life.

The two concepts, pseudo theism, and non-theism are well explored in the movie ‘Peranbu’ by director Ram. The protagonist (Amuthavan) is a non-theist and there are many pseudo theists who come in his life, throughout the movie.

There is a brilliant Kural (குறள்) where Valluvar explores pseudo theism. Type 280 in the bot to learn about it.

Have a great weekend!

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