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Blog 13 : Who am I?

When a seeker finds many gurus around and some turn out to be imposters, a question that is likely to come to his mind is, is there a true guru?

Philosopher J Krishnamurty had a simple answer to that question. A guru is someone who dispels illusions. A guru is someone who points., not the way but simply points. A guru is someone who does not impose his illusions on the seeker.

Born as Venkatraman Iyer, Ramana Maharishi is an Indian sage, of whom the world came in search of. Ramana Maharishi remained silent most of the time and spoke very little, that too only when spoken to. Ramana Maharishi neither promised anything nor preached anything. The only recommendation made was to practice self enquiry if one sought answers. An important event recalled from Ramana Maharishi’s life is the death experience he had at the age of 16 that became the starting point of his spiritual journey.

I discovered a Kural that accurately depicts Ramana Maharishi’s life and experience accurately. Open the bot and type the number 268 to know the same.

Have a great week ahead!

PC: Pixabay

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