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Blog 14 : Searching & Seeking

I had always thought these two words were synonyms that had the same meaning. However, a few weeks ago, while reading a book, a question arose — is searching different from seeking? This writing is my search for an answer :)

When we search or seek, we pursue something. What is common between the two is a pursuit. But is there a distinction? A common perspective is that we search for tangible things and seek what is not tangible. For instance, we search for things like pen, keys and seek help, justice, etc. But we also find ourselves searching for meaning and purpose in our lives. So, that distinction is not accurate.

As I observe closely, seeking is inward i.e. when we seek, be it peace or truth, we tend to look within. On the other hand, when we search, we tend to look out.

Inward vs outward, is that all the difference? I believe there is something more crucial to it. When we search, we use our intellect to perceive, question and reason. With intellect, there is a possibility of doubt to seep in too. However, when we seek, do we engage our intelligence? When we seek, we observe, experience, realize and sometimes even accept. I think when we truly seek, we are free of doubt.

Possibly why peace may only be sought and not searched. Type 353 in the bot for a kural related to doubt and self realization.

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