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Blog 17 : Thirukkural in Annamalai

Few of us will have trouble recalling this iconic scene from Super Star’s block buster movie - Annamalai. I remember watching this movie when I was young and I hardly saw anyone else on the screen apart from Rajni. The experience was very different when I watched this movie recently. While Rajni makes that improbable rise of an innocent man sound so plausible and enjoyable, what struck me was that this movie is also a beautiful portrayal of an important kural (குறள்). Of course, there are many Kurals that we can relate to with this movie. In this blog, I would focus on one.

The above scene unfolds in the 60th minute of the movie. Annamalai loses everything, including his home, mom and feels betrayed. He is deeply hurt and is aware of the ill intentions of his friend’s dad. He vows to see them suffer. What is interesting is the path he takes to realize that outcome. In the next few minutes, Annamalai gets an opportunity through an influential politician to hurt them directly but lets them go. Annamali chooses to hurt them by becoming richer. Here again, he does not want easy money (which is offered by his politician friend) but pursues to make his own wealth.

Why did Annamalai take that path and why is that effective? The answer is Kural 759. Simply type 759 in the bot to learn more.

Have a great weekend!

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