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Blog 19 : The thirukkural connection in Magamuni

There are a few movie makers whom I closely follow and for some movies, I try to experience them in the theater before reading a review. Santhakumar is one of those movie makers and his Magamuni was one such movie. Just like Thyagarajan Kumararaja, Santhakumar too disappeared after making a sensational debut (Mounaguru) in 2011. Like many of his fans, I was happy too when I stumbled upon Magamuni teaser earlier this year.

I watched Magamuni last night and as Santhakumar had mentioned in his interviews, the Mounaguru magic is intact in Magamuni too. Not a scene but even a frame is enough for a good movie maker to tell a story. The above frame comes for a fraction of second in the teaser and this one shot is enough to establish the class of Santhakumar. In one shot, the director establishes his characters and the underlying chemistry so beautifully. The family is out on an outing. Its clear that Arya is preoccupied and is under stress but is making a genuine effort to keep his family happy. The lady of the house is enjoying her moment. In her smile you could see her love for her family. The child leans forward and is curious to see the world. The kid is not only in the middle but is also the center of his parent’s world. There are many such brilliant shots in the movie.

The most beautiful surprise in the movie was it’s connection with thirukkural. Cannot reveal more as this could become a spoiler.

There are many Kurals I could relate to, with Magamuni. But I chose Kural 153.

Have a good weekend!

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