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Blog 20 : Money is always the ultimate

Sathuranga Vettai - one of the smartest con movies made in Tamil cinema. Through the hardships faced in his life, the protagonist, Gandhi Babu comes to believe that that money is always the ultimate. He then goes on a spree of making money through creative means. He gets so clinical with his pursuit that he pays no heed to how that impacts the lives of those around him.

Almost everything the protagonist speaks in the movie is quotable and upon analysis, one cannot deny the presence of truth in any of them.  Some of my favorite ones - ‘Never cheated anyone. Just gave an opportunity to those who wanted to be cheated.’ ‘To sell a lie, you have got to add an element of truth in it

What happens to him and his pursuit forms the rest of the story.

Is there truth in Gandhi Babu’s belief? How should one go about making wealth? Valluvar has an entire chapter dedicated to the importance of wealth and how one should go about making it.

Here in this blog, will focus on two Kurals, relevant to what Gandhi Babu goes through in the movie. Try Kurals 751 & 754 through the bot.

Have a great weekend!

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