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Blog 21 : Wit, Witty & Wittiest

This blog is about Radhakrishnan Parthiban and his latest venture OSS7. I have followed Parthiban’s work for the past twenty-five years. Creative(Kudaikul Mazhai), experimentative (houseful), game-changer (puthiya pathai) and passion for cinema (OSS7) - all these would apply to Parthiban. However, that singular quality that defines this genius, in my opinion, is his wit. Many can be witty but Parthiban can be witty during difficult times too.

I remember in 1994 when his fifth movie (as a director) ‘Sarigamapadhani’ had released. Those were times when movies used to be in theaters for days (100, 175 and more) and the 50th-day milestone was considered an absolute minimum for any decent movie. Even for forgettable movies, posters would only read ‘Successful 50th day’. But for this movie, the 50th-day poster read ‘அப்பாடா 50th day’. The movie was off the theaters the next day and that’s Parthiban’s wit.

It's so inspiring to see that wit in Parthiban even now. Times have changed and competition has only become more intense. Gone are 50-day milestones but a good reception on the first weekend. Last week, a day before OSS7’s release when Parthiban was fighting to secure enough theaters for OSS7, a reporter asked him - ‘small movies like OSS7, do not get a large number of theaters. How do you see this (trend)?’ I could see his eyes deprived of sleep but his wit was wide awake. He responded, ‘this cannot be seen any other way. Without a theater, how is one gonna see it (OSS7)’. That’s Parthiban.

I have watched OSS7 not once but two times and without a doubt, I would say this is Parthiban’s finest work till date. He has pulled off something incredible this time which offers an experience that is so unique to its audience.

Here is a Kural for Parthiban’s wit. Type 621 in the bot to learn more.

Have a great weekend!

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