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Blog 7 : Dilbert's theorem and a thirukkural

While I was young, I was encouraged to study well. That way, I was told, I'll acquire the needed skills which can help me make enough money and lead a comfortable life when I grow up. Does that imply, one can become rich by building expertise in a field? Let us see. When a person becomes knowledgeable in a topic or field, he becomes an expert and if his expertise is relevant to the world, people wouldn't mind paying him the money he demands. It sounds logical right? So, the more one learns, the more money he should be able to make. Correct? Recently, I stumbled upon Dilbert's Salary theorem. While the proof might sound funny to some, is there a truth in the hypothesis?


Dilbert's "Salary Theorem" states that "Engineers and scientists can never earn as much as administrators and sales people."

This theorem can now be proved mathematically:

Given: Power = Work / Time and, Knowledge Is Power

Substituting Knowledge for Power, we obtain:

Knowledge = Work/ Time

If time = money, then:

Knowledge = Work/ Money

Solving this equation for money, we obtain:

Money = Work/ Knowledge

Therefore, as knowledge approaches zero, money approaches infinity, regardless of the amount of work done.

Conclusion: the less you know, the more you make.


If you are curious about how this could relate to thirukkural, type (or say) kural 374 in bot.

There have been no significant changes made either to the Bot or the website, over the last week.

Have a great Weekend!

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