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Blog 5 : Rope, Snake and a Thirukkural

A few years back, a friend of mine introduced me to this classic analogy of a snake and a rope to articulate the concept of ignorance. It goes like this

"Suppose you are at a dim place. Suddenly you saw a snake in front of you and it frightened you like hell. You froze witnessing death in front of you. Then all of a sudden a ray of light falls on the snake and you met with the reality that it is actually a rope. In an instant, all your fears vanished and you heave a sigh of relief." - (from here)

The analogy is subtle, powerful and very deep. While deliberating on this analogy (in depth) could be one's lifetime experience and well beyond a blog post, I would like to focus on one specific aspect of it. It is the difficulty in imparting knowledge onto someone who does not make an effort to learn. The learned (one who sees the rope) will find it impossible to convince the ignorant (who sees the snake) if the later believes he knows it all. There is a beautiful kural (humorous one too) related to this. If you are interested in learning about that, ask bot for kurals on blind spot 

Quick updates on the Bot & Website:

As you might have observed, the layout of TopiCloud has changed and is a lot more simpler. We continue to make refinements to the algorithm to improve the accuracy of the kurals retrieved for different search topics. If you don't find relevant kurals today, do try them out after a few days. Do not give up :)

Once again, thanks for being a patron. Please do spread the word. As always, if you have a question or comment, do not hesitate to reach out. Have a great weekend!

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