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Blog 10 : Magic number Seven

There is hardly a dull moment in the world of While there were no blogs from us us recently, we were busy creating something new for you. But before that, would like to share with you an interesting connection between thirukkural and number seven. I became aware of this relation through my conversations with author and Thirukkural scholar, C Rajendran. While number 7 connects with thirukkural in many different ways, here are a few.

  1. Every Kural is told in 7 words

  2. There are 133 chapters in total. 1+3+3 =7

  3. Thiruvalluvar day is celebrated on 16th Jan. 1+6 =7

By staying short and crisp, every Kural is a verse rendered in the style of a tweet. Interestingly, a tweet in twitter has to be told in 280 letters (140 was the earlier limit). Not sure how Twitter arrived at that number, but if you observe, both the numbers are divisible by 7 :)

We are happy to announce that, is now live on Twitter. Just the way you would explore thirukkural on FB messenger and Telegram, you will now be able to DM the sage @valluvarthesage on Twitter and begin your conversation.

You may also follow the handle (@valluvarthesage) for updates and trivia related to to thirukkural and Have a great weekend and will see you soon in another update.

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