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Blog 4 : Updates from the week

Here is the fourth blog of my blog chain :) Going forward, I plan to stick to a schedule of writing once a week. Here is the summary of what happened in the world, since my last post.

Facebook Page: We now have a Facebook page for the valluvar bot here. If you prefer to receive these updates in your news feed, I invite you to like the page.

Updates to website: Apart from a few additional questions to the FAQ page, we have added the following How-to videos to the demo page to cover the following. You will be able to find these videos in youtube too.

  • Alexa on Mobile

  • Find Valluvar on Telegram

Updates to the bot: We continue to refine to the bot. You might observe them in response text to many of the commands in the messenger platforms. You will soon see them in the results too.

Once again, thanks for your patronage and do spread the word. As always, if you have a question or comment, please reach out. Have a great weekend!

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