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Blog 12 : Fate and Freewill

What decides our tomorrow? Is it fate or our today’s actions? Which of these define our destiny - Fate or freewill? A clear answer to this question is key to get a handle on life. We always have a choice to think, apply our mind and decide our actions. Does this mean, we control our destiny? If this were to be true, we should never find ourselves in situations that we prefer not to be part of. I’m sure we all would have found ourselves in such situations at some point in our lives. Does this mean, our lives are decided by fate?

A close friend of mine put the relation succinctly. He defined one’s fate as the resultant of how he has exercised his freewill in the past.

Valluvar has an entire chapter dedicated to articulate the power of ‘fate’. Try ‘list Kurals 38’ in the bot for all Kurals related to fate. Valluvar even ends the chapter with the following Kural, where he exclaims and questions, is there anything stronger than fate?

ஊழிற் பெருவலி யாவுள மற்றொன்று

சூழினுந் தான்முந் துறும்

அறத்துப்பால் : ஊழியல் : ஊழ் (380)

If fate is powerful, what would it take for us to change it? Valluvar has an answer to this question and to his own question that he raised in Kural 380 through a different Kural. Type ‘control your destiny’ in the bot to find the answer.

Have a great Sunday!

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